Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colorado Rocky Mountain Intimate Wedding for Brenda & Steven at Eastholme B&B

I am so proud and blessed to share with you these beautiful moments that I witnessed during the marriage of Brenda and Steven here at Eastholme in the Rockies Bed and Breakfast.

From the moment I meet Brenda and Steven, I was captivated by their smiles and excitement of the journey they were about to set in motion as they planned their wedding day.  I was honored when they selected our beautiful bed and breakfast for their special day.  Every couple I meet with has a special place in my heart and true excitement as we plan each detail of their wedding.

On their wedding day November 14, 2009 we all awoke to a beautiful snowy morning.  I was not sure how Brenda and Steven were going to react to the snow since we had planned for a outdoor ceremony.  To my amazement, Brenda came down to the dining room to join her family and friends for breakfast and shouted out..It's snowing!  We all laughed when she began to share how she woke her sister and was bouncing on the bed that it's snowing!

One special touch that stands out for me was how important the cake was for Brenda.  She researched various cake designs and could not find the perfect design.  So she took three different looks and created her own graphic design of the cake which was absolutely beautiful.

The families came together to support these two joining together in their intimate wedding ceremony.  Most of the family and guests were provided guests accommodations at Eastholme for their two day event. It was evident of their true love for each other including the love of friends and family who give their most sincere blessing of all by attending this special event.

To Brenda and Steven, thank you for honoring me with the joy that you have brought to my life and to your family and friends. We wish you happiness, love and a healthy life as husband and wife.

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