Monday, July 2, 2012

Return to Eastholme In The Rockies Bed and Breakfast

On Sunday July 1st, 2012 Waldo Canyon Incident Fire Command allowed the residents of Ute Pass (towns of Cascade, Chipta Park, and Green Mountain Falls) to return home for the first time since being evacuated 8 days ago. As we drove up Topeka Ave what a wonderful sight to see Eastholme sitting there proudly as she has for 127 years! We were accompanied by our very good friends Roxanne and Conrad who so graciously provided us a home away from home for over a week. The grand lady came through wonderfully and will be greeting guests again in a few short days.

Shortly after arriving home we bee-lined down to the Cascade Volunteer Fire Department station to share our thanks for making this incredible home coming possible! What stories they all had to share AND how fortunate all the residents of the area are of their efforts to protect Cascade. What a coordinated effort the entire firefighting effort has been, and continues to be, and by so many folks from different areas and agencies. We are currently under a pre-evac condition as the fire reaches 50% containment such if fire and weather conditions shift we need to remain ready to leave. Please check out the CVFD Facebook page.

With our return we will now start working through our reservations backlog. We will be issuing guest refunds and reschedules over the next couple days. Thank you all for your continued support, understanding, and patience during this time.  

Eastholme in the Rockies A Bed and Breakfast Inn
4445 Hagerman Avenue
Cascade, CO 80809
Deborah and Ken Rice, Innkeepers

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  1. We are so very glad your home made it through the fires. We stayed there 2 summers ago and had a wonderful time!